Powering the top companies on
real time conversations
between brands and customers

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Conversational and immersive business solutions
to increase and enhance digital customer experience
from mobile to point of sale

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Our platform integrates advanced expertise in
learning systems and automation

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Powering the top companies on
real time conversations
between brands and customers

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Our technology platform provides the most sophisticated machine learning and data science capabilities so that our customers are able to power their conversations and automatisation.

Brand as a service

Conversations become more predictive and intelligent, connecting customer and leads to brands in real-time, shaping brand as a service.

Our industrialised techniques and processes turn client specificities into conversations, services and experiences.

Behaviours and profiling

Brands can contextualise offers and access to lead through conversational experiences and non intrusive ads while our databases aggregate comportemental behaviours, profiling and mesurement.


A complete flexibility to start simple and small, yet scale and innovate without limits.

southpigalle is a trusted partner providing solutions aligned to your best interests, and at a transparent and low cost.

a new paradigm “don’t search: ask!”


Conversational business solutions

  • client

    Premium, effective and targeted conversational client services

  • conversational

    Innovative conversational solution within programmatic advertising format

  • omnichannel
    enriched experiences

    Native, impactfull conversational user experiences born for mobile

  • business

    Real time proactive intelligence for automated information delivery

We excel at making brands’ conversations valuable

They work with us