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Connecting People and Data

We create new business opportunities with design and technology
. We specialize in unlocking sales operational excellence.

Empowering teams with tools to be more effective, agile, innovative, to leverage their collective intelligence and best serve their customers. We enable companies to navigate the pace of technological change, allowing them to build capabilities and interact with their customers and teams in more meaningful ways.

What’s up?
Staying Competitive with a Diagnostic Service
Smart diagnostic services provide troves of valuable data that can keep you streamlined and competitive.
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Video Streaming & Learning (More Than Meets The Eye)
Video conferencing is much more than an alternative for the telephone. It can facilitate unique learning opportunities and grow your team's collective intelligence.
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How To: Create your own Diagnostic Service
Building a diagnostic service for customers to access at key points of contact, businesses can better anticipate customer needs, and provide them with the information they might need.
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We create new business opportunities with Design & Technology

Our mission is to create the best digital solutions 
for the most inspiring companies. We combine strategic vision, design, development and data science. We create bespoke solutions that drive engagement, accelerate decision-making and increase transactions.

From idea to execution, our philosophy is to maximize existing enterprise tech ecosystem (CRM, ERP, MSFT …). We leverage our framework to be very effective in the development of solutions, building on expertise and capabilities. 

Commerce, Care and Loyalty

Designing relationships in the era of the one-to-one internet.
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Unbridled access to the world’s best source of information: your teams

Boost knowledge sharing, analytic and decision-making abilities, heighten creativity and improve every stakeholder's experience.
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Building thriving enterprise communities

Create all-in-one workspace for remote and distributed teams 
to build collective intelligence and community performance.
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Advanced learning solutions for modern users

Combine advanced social learning, unique collective intelligence capabilities and and blended learning support for a 360-degree education experience.
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The new era of sales and retail performance

Offering the flexibility for any team to customize a tool that perfectly meets their specific needs, superapps simplify internal and external processes, ultimately growing their capacity and efficiency.
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We help companies strengthen bold visions, turn ideas into realities and improve their products and services by improving operational agility and delivering unforgettable customer experiences.

What we believe in.

We believe in experiences that are built for users first.

Enterprise technologies have a bad rap – clunky HTML interfaces belong in 2003. At the heart of our solutions is the desire to create digital spaces for serendipitous creation, no matter the end user.

We believe in the power of Diversity.

It is proven that a combination of diversity in ethnicity, cognitive skills, gender, and other factors are key to the growth of collective intelligence in any community. We strive to create technology that not just reflects the diverse perspectives in communities but provides a space for them to thrive.

We believe that everyone has the right to excellent technology.

For the majority of its history, the tools of communication technologies have been limited to a select few. We believe that excellent customer experiences come from excellent community experiences – internal collaborators are our first clients.

We believe that the world is a better place when we link people and data.

Increasing more fluid communications between the immense amount of data that exists and making it usable for humans is the key to unlocking efficiency and intelligence at any level of a community.



SOPI — Southpigalle Logo

We boost employee eXperience to build Customer eXperience

“The key thing about all the world’s big problems is that they have to be dealt with collectively. If we don’t get collectively smarter, we’re doomed.”— Doug Engelbart

Last Mile Computing®

As Albert Einstein famously said, “Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination”.

At Southpigalle we know that the world’s most valuable collection of data is in your teams. By providing the structures and tools for meaningful collaboration, we grow the potential of every interaction between teams members. Not to just contribute to the collective intelligence of the community by sharing one-to-one,

but to leverage the knowledge imparted and make it actionable for every community member. We bring the best of the computing and social worlds together to maximize the efficiency of every team.

In doing so, we offer the ability to companies to transform the customer interactions, create more meaningful and efficient connections, improve service and reinvent the art of selling.

At the intersection of Collaboration, Purpose and Execution

Southpigalle® Tribe

Learn about projects we have recently conducted. They are an illustration of how we partner with our clients and create new business opportunities with technology.

Luxury Personal Goods

"Managing all of our global guidelines, local assets, and validation workflows through a superapp has aligned our local and global teams more than any other solution."

Global Visual Merchandising Director Luxury Personal Goods Read Study →

Fragrance and Cosmetics Company

“Our teams are a mix of internal and external groups across multiple brands and markets - we needed a place for this community to gather and have access to all the tools and knowledge we create!”

EMEA Trade Marketing Digital Projects Manager International Fine Fragrance & Cosmetics Read Study →

Cosmetics Company

"We onboard many new finance managers globally every year, and often our existing teams are moving from one market to another. We finally can give new and existing finance managers a place to gather and share their knowledge, making the transition into a new market and position easier and our community closer!"

Finance Transformation Manager International Personal Products Group Read Study →

Luxury Goods Company

"As our team grows to new markets, training has become an integral part of propelling our business forward. Using a superapp we can manage our training events at every level of the organization, and create measureable goals for our teams."

Retail Education Digital Project Manager International Luxury Goods & Couture Read Study →

Watch Manufacturer

"Integrating conversation into our sales procedure has been an amazing opportunity for us. We have empowered our sales representatives with a Superapp to connect with clients on whatever platform they prefer (WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, etc.) without the fuss of asking our clients to change the way they interact with our brand."

EMEA Senior Sales Manager Watch Manufacturer Read Study →

Global Professional Cosmetics – Supply Chain

"The collective intelligence of our supply and manufacturing community is unique. A superapp gives each community member the ability to build their skills, share their knowledge and contribute to projects in a very effective way."

Digital Transformation Project Lead Global Professional Cosmetics - Supply Chain Read Study →

Global Fine Fragrance

"With a superapp we have dramatically improved the employee experience. One principe: simplification. It results in significant time saved for individuals and HR staff, improved employee satisfaction with internal services and raised engagement!"

Transformation HR Manager Global Fine Fragrance Brand Read Study →

Global Fine Jewelery Brand

"Most important for us is offering to our clients an exceptional experience - it is our goal to make them feel that their business with us is personal. We have launched a new loyalty program through a superapp, and it has been a game-changer for our business and given us precious one-to-one relationships with our clients."

Vice President of Sales and Marketing Global Fine Jewellery Brand Read Study →

Luxury Fine Jewellery

“Our team often struggled with juggling international event calendars, clippings, trend reports, and website actions from our global contacts across publications. A superapp is our PR smart assistant, providing highly valuable data to our teams through an integrated platform - now we're able to see all of our global activity at any moment! A superapp has helped our team to be more efficient and reactive, keeping our edge in this fast-paced industry.”

International Public Relations and Communications Coordinator Luxury Fine Jewellery Read Study →
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