Enterprise Smart Virtual Assistants

People and

Southpigalle offers the next generation of enterprise Smart Virtual Assistants.
By effectively connecting people and data, they unlock teams efficiency and collective intelligence.

The end of data
that no one can access
Everyone is an expert, knowledge should be efficiently shared

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Southpigalle smart assistants are the intelligent layer between a company’s digital systems and their employees or customers.

Hyper-personalised, simple and fun, the Genius Virtual Intelligence Assistant by Southpigalle applies to all enterprise businesses. It brings new capabilities for data and analytics, instant access to information and systems, space for intelligence exchange and collaboration to support team performance.


Genius by Southpigalle is personalized, predictive and collaborative.

Highly customizable by design, it can take many shapes, from smart pocket coach for sales teams, customer service team Digital Assistants, social and collaborative Business Intelligence, and On-the-job Trainers (using social learning).

All combine the power of technology with a design and ease of use that reinvents the user experience for frictionless business operations.

‘It’s so simple to use Instagram, WhatsApp, Messenger…Why can’t I have the same type of apps in my job?’

‘Key insights should be
accessible and collaborative:
ask not search’


Genius by Southpigalle is a unique combination of intuitive, forward-thinking design, great in-app experiences, strong onboarding designs, and much more.

It combines human-friendly automated interfaces with the best technology and data management capabilities.

Some of our trusted partners

Since 2015, our team has worked with some of the world’s premier brands. Southpigalle is proud to be part of the co-selling program of Microsoft and LVMH acceleration program at StationF, Europe’s largest incubator.


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