The Augmented Workforce

AI in the workplace – why we can be more effective if we learn to integrate Augmented Intelligence technologies into teamwork.

While we may be ready to accept that artificial intelligence benefits society, many teams are still left unsure of how to integrate it into their work.

What we will always argue is the case of augmented intelligence over artificial intelligence and explain why we can be more effective if we learn to integrate these technologies into our teamwork.

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As the future of work has been accelerated forwards in the months of 2020, many companies are taking stock as they look to the future.

What we see often in fiction and films focused on the future, the vision has been simple: humans will live alongside AI. When we think of the cartoon family The Jetsons and their robot maid Rosie, as an example, she was an addition to the family helping Jane to manage the household, the kids to have breakfast in the morning, and ironing George’s shirts before work. She was replacing the repetitive and time-consuming tasks that many of us would rather not be doing. And in another way she is an extension of the family’s abilities, allowing them to spend more time on their higher-level needs.

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You can take another example of C3PO or R2D2 in the Star Wars universe: they are both robotic and intelligent characters, whose goals and duties are to extend and assist their human counterparts. They are extensions of human abilities and are programmed to be an exception to the same fallacies we all fall victim to as humans, whether it is our physical limitations, emotional judgement, or plain lack of comprehension.

This is what AI does for us, not just when we discuss artificial intelligence, which is an imitation of human intelligence, but augmented intelligence which broadens our existing intelligence and allows us to extend our abilities with help from technology. When the OECD reported that 14% of jobs are at risk of being automated, with 32% at risk of being partially automated, they are speaking of jobs with repetitive or time-consuming tasks. The augmentation of these jobs with technology would make the skills that make us uniquely human, such as emotional intelligence, the ability to reason and use our intuition, more valuable than ever before.

The tasks that can be optimized would be more efficient and faster than when human error can’t be to blame, and new roles for humans would bloom. These roles would be to train this technology and testing it, explain the results and reasoning behind results, and sustaining it (How humans and AI are working together in 1,500 companies, Harvard Business Review). AI technologies are not “set it and forget it” as, like a human, they cannot understand or improve without new information, new training and consistent management.

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At Southpigalle we don’t seek to replace roles inside teams with the Superapp®, but to optimize the processes used to arrive at more accurate and relevant results, increasing the speed of decision making and decreasing the repetition of questions and loss of information. The technology we have created in our Ask feature allows users to ask a question in their own plain language to the greater intelligence of the group. Our unique Natural Language Processing algorithm then identifies the question, and finds answers based on relevancy, popularity, and the users profile from within the Superapp® and any connected databases. These answers can be used again and again, training the technology and its users to arrive at more accurate results and answers and creating an endless loop of questions with answers.

There is no one way to prepare for the future in any given team, but it’s clear that excellent communication and knowledge sharing is always going to be a wise choice. Choosing tools and methods to extend and expand the intelligence of the collective group will allow team members to focus on value-added tasks that will increase their value to their clients and other stakeholders.


Want to learn more about how Southpigalle and the Superapp® can bring the power of Augmented Intelligence to your team? Contact us.

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