Retail Digital Experience

Chat, Chat, Chat!

Everything is discussion, we spend hours juggling between different platforms from Instagram to WhatsApp, from Tiktok to Yubo from Discord to Snap, not to mention Wechat, qq and others among our friends in Asia … in short, it causes, it glosses: at home, in the office and even on the throne. We chat in text BUT especially in video, now ubiquitous in our conversations, especially among the youngest … (Look at the hallucinating Yubo!)

BUT WHAT ARE BRANDS DOING to follow suit and enter the era of social commerce? Where the online experience features the sale assistant and his clients live and in video, hides them behind avatars in metaverse, or even invites them into shops that have become, finally, real augmented places by data, technology and the smartphone.

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The art of the ‘Nudge’: driving customers and employees towards desired behaviours

In 2021, brands that master the subtle and meaningful ‘nudge’ of employees or customers will hold the key to success - engagement!

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Lessons Learned to Unlock Collective Intelligence

Trends may come and go, but collective intelligence is here to stay. Learn more about what we've learned from our clients and users in deploying once of this year's key trends.

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SoPi Framework

Manage access to the community’s features to give the best tools for every team and individual based on their needs.

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