How does it work?

The connected workspace: Not just another inbox
— a new way to engage.

Superapp® is a social and collaborative workspace platform designed to connect, inform and engage teams, no matter where or when they’re connected.

The future of work is now: teams are no longer found exclusively around the office water cooler. They’re working from home, working from abroad, working in different time zones and between their personal schedules.

But how can you bring the same sense of co-location – freedom of discussion, serendipitous collaboration – to your co-located and distributed teams? Welcome to your digital water cooler, the place where teams gather to work, play, and collaborate.

Play and work in one place

Stay productive together no matter when and where you’re connecting from. Share your unique workplace culture and create new micro-communities of teammates.


Improve internal and external engagement

Leverage the collective intelligence of the community to tackle people and process-related challenges. Create the world’s best database of information for your team – their knowledge!

Bring together people, tools, content, and the conversations around them

Make working together painless, efficient and more enjoyable through interactive workflows and features built to take on your team’s toughest needs.


The Superapp®’s open architecture is based on micro-services and covers all necessary features to implement conversational workflows (Gateways, NLP, Conversation Scripting). External services and Algorithms can be integrated at the request of the organisation.

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360° Insights Across Systems

Meta Data Hub to connect with modern cloud-based and traditional legacy data systems, across business units, services and other customer repositories.


Plug & Play

Our SDKs and underlying APIs allows our clients to take action on main platform services, including NLP and Conversation Scripting. We also offer dedicated back-end interfaces to monitor services.

Blazingly Fast

We use Docker and Kubernetes for containerisation and orchestration that guarantees fast rollout times and scalability across an organisation’s IT architecture.


Enterprise-grade data protection

Global privacy and security compliance. Governance and risk-management capabilities to meet every organisation’s needs.
The Superapp® and Southpigalle are proud to be GDPR and CCPA compliant.

• Security by design: Audited by Magellan Partners
• Privacy by design: Audited by Artlex

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