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Conversational commerce

In the marketplace of the ever-approaching future, where does excellent customer service come from?

Building a relationship with those who you are purchasing from has been proven to increase sales and return purchases. While many of our interactions day to day are perfectly autonomous – we check out at the grocery store, or on other sites by ourselves every day.

But when parting with our hard-earned cash, it’s important for us to feel that we’re valued as a customer, and that if something were to happen with our purchase, someone would feel responsible and we would be helped.

Conversational Commerce

According to the PWC: consumer intelligence series: customer experience survey, the majority of the population is not just willing to spend more for great customer experience, but that customer experience directly affects the satisfaction with the purpose. Satisfaction with a purchase leads to return purchases, recommendations to others in their community, and the positive regard for the brand and individuals associated with it. 

This proves that providing excellent interactions, featuring honest opinions and authentic communication of the brand, is a huge part of converting a prospect into a conversion. So how can that be provided in the context of social distancing, limited point of sale growth, and increasing demands on the time of sales staff? Many have turned to technology for the answer.

Insights from PWC Consumer Experiences Survey

As it is commonly understood, conversational commerce refers to conversational technologies integrated into e-commerce platforms. The earliest iterations often leveraged Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing to bring a little bit more of the human aspects of retail online – mostly this was chatting with a bot or a live customer service agent, chat bots which led you through a series of Frequently Asked Questions to eventually escalate customer questions to customer service agents, etc. 

Chatbots and intuitive FAQ pages just can’t replace the experience of discussion and interaction with a seller. Conversational commerce has moved beyond interaction on the product page, and taken some unique turns.

An excellent example of the evolved approach to conversation commerce has gained significant traction for small businesses – Instagram direct messaging.

Instagram’s direct messaging feature has enabled many small and individual businesses to flourish without the bother of registering, creating, and launching a complete e-commerce site (which Instagram requires for you to create Shoppable posts). Many of these businesses are run by the owner creating a post or story to draw attention to the product or service, and users are asked to direct message the seller to complete the purchase. Often this is offering a close relationship with the seller that goes beyond typical e-commerce – purchasers are encouraged to ask questions, become actively involved in the coordination of the order, and interact with another person to complete the transaction. </span></p>

Conversational Commerce Illustration

Every good conversation begins with good listening – that’s why the Superapp solution is now fully integrated with messaging platforms. This allows our users to better serve their external and client communities and creates a new workflow for conversational sales funnels. 

  • Begin a conversation from the Superapp and the client will receive it to their personal Whatsapp, WeChat, Messenger accounts. 
  • Funnel client conversations into multiple categories for faster and easier.
  • Integrate conversation data into CRM systems and reporting. 
  • Log responses to client questions to be retrieved later, growing the community collective intelligence.
  • Identify and connect internal experts for a response to key questions.
  • Connect pre-sales, orders, tracking, conversation history, and other external data into one platform.
  • Fully secure and private – our users’ (and your clients) conversations and data are not shared with social networks.

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