Using Design Thinking To Create Lasting Innovations

Design thinking process tools—ethnographic research, an emphasis on reframing problems and experimentation, the use of diverse teams, etc —are the methods which will not just encourage but really force an organization to take a step back and examine the real needs to address and find innovative solutions.

“By involving customers and other stakeholders in the definition of the problem and the development of solutions, design thinking garners a broad commitment to change.” (Harvard Business Review). Design thinking empathy exercises challenge organizations to think deeper about the challenges at hand and their desired result to discover creative solutions that are ultimately more effective as they are rooted in a deeper understanding of their clients and end-users.

the 3 circles of design thinking

The ‘three circles’ method describes how design thinking feasibility, desirability, and viability come together to create innovative solutions.

Implementing a design thinking strategy in product design and technology is essential to creating an end result with true ‘stickiness’. By taking the time to research the real cause of challenges, the real needs of end-users and customers, an organization will discover that the solution may not have been what they assumed. Southpigalle is proud to present as part of our agency services the methods to get to the root of human design thinking and creates the technology solutions that apply these discoveries to a considered and lasting tool that tackles business challenges head-on. Our teams are experts in applying empathy exercises, design thinking, and more to research and identify the ideal solutions.


To learn more about Southpigalle, read more about How We Work and use design thinking approaches to our agency and consulting work in Paris.

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