Drive change
blaze new trails

We provide leading organizations with powerful conversational technologies to create new experiences and drive their businesses. Our Digital Ventures team helps organizations grow by analyzing business needs to plan and create technology that delivers world-class employee and customer experiences at scale.

Advancing the human experience through Superapp

Rethink the way you work

Southpigalle Digital Ventures is a team dedicated to designing and implementing innovative solutions.  By leveraging the full potential of Superapps, Southpigalle Digital Ventures are creating new business opportunities, unleashing top performance and helping embrace the digital revolution as technology partners to our clients.

From ideation to specifications, from strategy to change management, from personae building to immersive user experiences, from data to insights – our teams create unique solutions catered to unique client needs and technological ecosystems.

Create new experiences to outperform in business

We will help your organization create the future you have been waiting for by transforming employee and customer experiences.

Customer Experience

Customer experience

In the current climate, customers are expecting more out of brands: unique connection, experiences, coherence, authenticity and transparency.

We shape the conversational services and solutions for companies to…

  • build customer experience and loyalty
  • innovate user acquisition strategies and onboarding
  • identify new business opportunities
  • confirm product/market fit
  • translate data into insights
  • reinvent relationships with all key stakeholders

Southpigalle’s Digital Ventures’  holistic, human-centred approach to business problem solving is combined with Superapp technologies, design, strategy and engineering capabilities to help our clients embrace change, take calculated risks, and become leaders in their field.

Employee Experience

Employee experience

We are passionate about the transformation of organizations from the inside out

By engaging employees every day and giving them the freedom in the framework to drive their own success,
 they become invested in the future-building of their organization.

Simplicity is key – organizations need to be conscious that each employee has access to a vast amount of software and tools that are rarely used to their full potential. Southpigalle Digital Ventures help de-mystify the employee experience for day-to-day operations and provide key insights to decision-makers in the organization.

It’s not about digitization, it’s about growth!

We are committed to building solutions for each team to more effectively collaborate, simplify workflows, and become a more efficient community. To think and act in the digital area, we provide the solutions to grow productivity and build collective intelligence.

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