How We Work

Design and technology to resolve business challenges

We partner with companies to understand their challenges through data science, design the strategy and define the product vision. Building the best client and employee experiences and unlocking business opportunities.

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Reinventing the customer experience

We analyze the quality of your interactions with clients using data science and research insights. Decoding trends and innovations, we identify the most relevant opportunities. We design and implement solutions to drive up adoption and serve your customers better.

→ Customer Experience Audit → Customer Journey Mapping
→ Competitor/Ecosystem Review → Experience innovation consulting
→ Content Assessment → User & Market Research
→ Product Education & Adoption → Learning Content Creation

Crafting world-class digital products and solutions

We help companies conceive, plan, test and build digital products from ideation to implementation. We combine market research and data, creativity and engineering to create the best solutions.

→ Product & Marketing UX Strategy → Experience Design, Concept & Prototype
→ UX,UI & Visual Design → Content Production
→ Technical Strategy & Architecture → Engineering, DevOps, QA
→ Usability testing & analytics → Go-to-Market Strategy
→ Business Case → Change Management

Technology and Engineering

We are focused on delivering cutting-edge digital products that make sense. We boost your business by grasping your data’s full potential. We design and deploy IT solutions based on your existing landscape, allowing your IT to support your business and scale your innovations instantly. We help companies structure their data opportunities, by creating new capabilities and deploying data science solutions to accelerate their business.

→ Complex IT systems implementation → Data Management & Gouvernance
→ Data Science → Architecture and Design of Information Systems
→ Governance, Modelization

Accelerating product outgrowth

We team up with your teams to provide the expertise to rapidly address your product challenges, driving your product strategy and moving your business forward at pace.

→ Roadmap & Backlog Management → Proposition & Product Portfolio Review
→ Service Design → Product Portfolio Strategy
→ Agile Best Practice Review & Recommendations → Management of complex projects in Agile methodologies
→ Product Leadership
“The key thing about all the world’s big problems is that they have to be dealt with collectively. If we don’t get collectively smarter, we’re doomed.”— Doug Engelbart

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