Intranet / Private Social Networks

Building thriving enterprise communities

All-in-one workspace for remote and distributed teams 
to build collective intelligence and community performance.

The need for enterprise communities and networks to operate efficiently is an essential winning factor : enabling agility and maximizing resources, inspiring people, fostering relationships and creating the new tomorrow.

The Superapp solution’s mobile and desktop applications engage your teams and simplify the development of micro-communities of interests and friendships, open and closed groups and dedicated networks. A unique approach to design and disseminate the culture of the organisation internally and with external stakeholders.


Personalization at scale

Through the Superapp onboarding, users can identify their expertise, interests, objectives, to have relevant and personalized content and services. This allows users to be connected to a pool of possible experts on the topic of inquiry, harness and put calls for skills, and connect across métiers, departments, zones and roles.

Personalization at scale

One App

One source of content, seamless access to useful services

Centralize all sources of content in one App, from social media (Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, …), internal communications, learning. Create personalized experiences, build engagement and advocacy. Connect with existing tools and solutions to offer a seamless experience for users, allowing them to get access to useful services from their Superapp.

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One Source Of Truth


Your first asset is your people

By giving users the tools to publish public and private memos or notes, ask other users for their input, index and sort their insights, share data from OneDrive, and more, the support for collaboration and ideation is in the hands of the users for maximum community engagement and ownership of the ideation process.

Southpigalle, Superapp, Your Asset Is Your People


Learning for the modern workplace

Integrating micro-learning, social learning and gamification strategies into the employee onboarding, upskilling, and offboarding processes has increased engagement and creates an employee culture of goal-setting.

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Blended Learning

Global Fine Fragrance

"With a superapp we have dramatically improved the employee experience. One principe: simplification. It results in significant time saved for individuals and HR staff, improved employee satisfaction with internal services and raised engagement!"

Transformation HR Manager Global Fine Fragrance Brand Read Study →

Luxury Personal Goods

"Managing all of our global guidelines, local assets, and validation workflows through a superapp has aligned our local and global teams more than any other solution."

Global Visual Merchandising Director Luxury Personal Goods Read Study →

Cosmetics Company

"We onboard many new finance managers globally every year, and often our existing teams are moving from one market to another. We finally can give new and existing finance managers a place to gather and share their knowledge, making the transition into a new market and position easier and our community closer!"

Finance Transformation Manager International Personal Products Group Read Study →

Luxury Goods Company

"As our team grows to new markets, training has become an integral part of propelling our business forward. Using a superapp we can manage our training events at every level of the organization, and create measureable goals for our teams."

Retail Education Digital Project Manager International Luxury Goods & Couture Read Study →

Global Professional Cosmetics – Supply Chain

"The collective intelligence of our supply and manufacturing community is unique. A superapp gives each community member the ability to build their skills, share their knowledge and contribute to projects in a very effective way."

Digital Transformation Project Lead Global Professional Cosmetics - Supply Chain Read Study →
Christian Dior
Southpigalle, The Conversation Software Company
“This feeling of belonging, 
of shared values and a deep sense of empathy, dramatically increases trust, cooperation 
and problem solving.”— Simon Sinek
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