Lessons learned to Unlock Collective Intelligence

The last year and a half has turned many businesses upside down and inside out, but what we’ve learned along the way is that meaningful engagement is at the top of everyone’s agenda. Without the foot traffic, generic browsing, and physical presence in businesses, the trends that pointed towards deeper connections for businesses both with their internal and external communities have been pushed forward by 2-3 years.

In Bain’s annual report on Tech Innovation trends, they identified several innovation trends leading the executive agenda in 2021 (Bain | Nine Tech Innovation Trends Leading the Executive Agenda in 2021), which we have seen every day with our clients at Southpigalle, one of which is collective intelligence – the must-watch for every business in 2021.

Sharing information has never been more important when pivotal changes are being made daily – gathering the intelligence of teams allows for businesses to make informed decisions at a moment’s notice. Most businesses are collecting massive amounts of data, but much of it is used only for a direct view, and rarely connected to create a view of the ‘bigger picture’.

Why aren’t businesses working through this data themselves, connecting insights with other data? Because it’s gruelling work that can often be misinterpreted by human eyes alone. This is why AI is being deployed across many industries to cross-reference and analyze data. But as we know, AI is much better at recognising patterns than it is at working through unstructured data and finding trends (check out our article on that here!). By combining the power of AI to recognize patterns and aggregate data, with the unique human capability of finding logic in unstructured data, businesses can curate frontline insights, bringing greater agility and efficiency to problem-solving and decision making.

By addressing the untapped potential of the front line and valorizing their insights, organizations can identify new ways to address their priorities, particularly around the customer experience.

Lessons we’ve learned from creating Collective Intelligence solutions with our clients

At Southpigalle, we create new business opportunities with technologies by connecting people and data. Our experience in designing and building collective intelligence solutions for our clients has taught us a few lessons you should keep in mind when taking the plunge into any innovation:

  • Everything starts with profiling – reflecting on the population you are interacting with, their different roles and needs will be the first step in targeting information and tools to maximum relevancy with a customer or an employee. By providing personalised and targeted experiences, users are more likely to engage and contribute in a meaningful way, generating richer feedback that can be turned into real insights.


  • Create dedicated spaces for dedicated actions – pushing all actions and interactions into one unstructured flow is a recipe for confusion, and will become unmotivated to continue to engage. Clearly defining what to do and where is the most important step in increasing adoption and engagement.


  • You can’t just ‘nudge’ customers or employees into becoming a community, creating a sense of belonging is key to meaningful engagement. Make sure that community spaces have fitting information, something that makes them ‘special’ and offers a real return on the investment of the most valuable currency available – attention.


  • Dedicating a central point of information is the future. De-silo data, knowledge, and insights from their sources and make them available to everyone. Informed decision-making at all levels will change the agility of an organisation from the bottom up.


  • No employee or customer is looking to add another tool to their already overwhelming list of apps and websites – they need less but more effective tools, and so creating a connector and driver that helps to navigate the multiple functions they need is infinitely more valuable than asking for actions on 5 unconnected spaces.


  • And the golden rule: Make it simple, intuitive and fit for its intended purpose.


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