Mini-apps for Superapp®

Plug in and play!

Enhance your chat! Superapp® mini-apps are pint-sized utilities that make collaboration easy. Whether it’s planning a video meeting, making a pitch deck, conversing with colleagues, or building sales experiences with clients, mini-apps bring people and data together to make every interaction count.

Southpigalle : Superapp Conversational Commerce, Care and Loyalty

A new platform for social experiences and accelerated business

Compact experiences, big impact

Create new team experiences, each mini-app can enhance the way communities interact with each other.

Connect your data

Empower team conversations with our built-in mini-apps connected with internal systems.

Simplify your workflows

Never leave the conversation – utilise mini-apps directly in the chat for collaborative information sharing. Easily retrieve any information from conversations through the mini-app features.

Seamless sharing

Share content from mini-apps directly with key stakeholders. Because mini-apps synchronise with the Superapp®, recipients can immediately be shared and collaborate at any time, anywhere.

Manage Collective intelligence

Access the knowledge of your entire community, leverage your team’s expertise, and create a unique source of knowledge.

Build your proprietary mini-app

Design with our teams or partners unique mini-apps to simplify your workflows through conversation.

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