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Superapp® Pricing

We serve among the best leading companies over the world, deploying Private Secured Social Networks, accelerating collaboration and enhancing customer relationship. Our technologies allow companies to better deal with the conversation disruption challenge shaping and accelerating new business models.

Pricing Components

1/ Superapp with core functionalities

  • Core system set-up
  • Superapp Mobile
    • Chat – All messaging functionalities
    • Mini-apps Agenda, Memos, Picture + drawing, basic learning, insights,
    • Visio / audio calls*
    • Private Social Network
  • Superapp Desktop
    • Same features as mobile but some mini-app are only available on smartphones
  • Administration back office
  • Basic Data and Analytics
  • BackEnd infrastructure and server
  • TLS/SSL encryption
  • File encryption
  • GDPR compliance
  • Choose your Azure region*
  • SDK*
  • Administration of the SaaS platform


  • From 2,9K€ monthly
  • Includes the set-up of a dedicated infrastructure

Set-up cost according to:

  • Initialization:
  • Connections to systems
  • Potential dedicated settings

*Extracosts may apply, contact us

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2/ Superapp with advanced mini-apps*

  • Conversational commerce
  • Sales management
  • Advanced Bulk Upload
  • Retail / Travel Retail Community
  • Public relation Management
  • Boutique POS Management
  • KPIS and Interactive Reporting
  • Forms
  • Guidelines and Process
  • Live event Management
  • Ideation
  • Calendar resolution under constraint
  • Plans and Planograms management
  • Advanced Data and Analytics


  • based on scope and integration
  • Includes some set-up costs and licence / maintenance

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3/ Digital Ventures

Southpigalle Digital Ventures is a team dedicated to designing and implementing innovative solutions.

Superapp Custom Integrations

  • System integration
  • Modules configuration
  • Specific mini-apps developments (desktop and mobile)
  • Specific developments or plugins dedicated to Superapp
  • Assistant to other integrators using our SDK
  • All deliverables are the strict property of the client (scoping note, specifications, customized source code…).

Strategy and implementation

  • Strategy
  • Project Management Assistance
  • Technical support
  • Training
  • Change management

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“It's really hard to design products by focus groups. A lot of times, people don't know what they want until you show it to them.”— Steve Jobs

Features overview

Peak concurrent connections 2% of MAU*
MAUs See plan
Messages/month Unlimited
Message storage Unlimited
Modern Messaging Essentials
Private 1-to-1 chat
Group chat (Private and Public)
UIKit $
Typing indicators
Delivery Receipts
Read receipts
Unread message count
Push notifications
Share files and multimedia
Structured message templates $
Alerts, Notifications
Advanced Messaging
Offline messaging
Smart throttling $
Dynamic partitioning $
Do-not-disturb push
Meta-array API
Visio-conference $
Calls $
Intearoperability (Whatsapp, WeChat, Messenger, SMS...) $
Mini apps $
Auto message translation $
On-demand translation $
Push translation $
Learning Capabilities $
Programs, Lessons, Activities, Gamification $
Translation, Localization, Badges, $
Snackable Learning $
Blended Learning $
Ideation $
Collective Intelligence
Peer to peer Intelligence management $
Data structuration *$
Knowledge Management *$
Extraction of point estimates *$
Opinion aggregation *$
Idea Collection *$
Market judgment / Predictions *$
Cooperation / Networks of Trust *$
P2P Business / Talent utilization / Demand creation / Costs reduction *$
Coordination / Ad-hoc Communities / Collective action *$
Polls $
Battles $
Guidelines $
Memos $
Plans and Planograms $
User Interactions
Conversational Commerce $
On field feedback $
Formated Socials posts (Instagram, Twitter, YouTube...)
User reporting API
User-to-user blocking
Mute user
Moderation dashboard
Freeze channel
Auto-image moderation $
Profanity filter $
App localization $
Content Management $
User Management $
Rights Management $
Analytics dashboard
Data export
Data and Analytics
Data connectors *$
Data aggregation *$
Data processing *$
Message Retrieval API
Data export $
Chatbot interface $
Post-event webhooks $
Smart Querying $
ERP Connection $
Interoperability with WhatsApp, WeChat, Teams, Messenger... $
Company Connectors (SPA, Sharepoint, ActiveDir...) * $
Desktop * $
Authentication $
TLS/SSL encryption $
File encryption $
IP whitelisting
Choose your Azur region $
Private dedicated servers $
Public static IP
Support Plan $
Ticket support availability 8x5 / 24/7 $
Guaranteed response time $
Private API status page $
Emergency hotline $
Slack support $
Customer success manager $
Quarterly service review $
: Included
* : Specificities may apply. Contact us.
$ : Additional cost may apply. Contact us.
Overages may apply

The dynamics for new types of partnerships

The disruptions that companies in virtually every industry face today are forcing a reassessment of the value of make-or-buy strategies and are creating the dynamics for new types of partnerships between companies and suppliers that span the make-or-buy divide.

New technology, product, and commercial upheavals are here to stay and will speed up in the short and long terms.

As a result, companies will be dealing with a fresh set of make-or-buy decisions, which will be more complex than ever. Successful companies will be able to navigate these challenges by astutely forecasting how the competitive landscape will evolve over the next few years and by adopting the internal capabilities the organization needs to take full advantage of the appropriate approach — make, buy, or something in between.
(Source: Strategy& — PWC Network : The new make-or-buy question.)

At Southpigalle, we believe that every company is unique.
This is the reason why our solutions can be customized to meet every company specificities, working with our digital venture team or with integrators.