Convenience and Security: The case for private social networks

Is social networking making your business vulnerable?
Explore private and secure social networking solutions from the Superapp®.

Google text suggestions can be misleading

In our years as Southpigalle, social networking has changed dramatically, with short-form video, gaming, editing and filtering, and more social networks are offering more tools than ever to their users.

But not only have the networks changed, but the way we are using it has changed. No longer is it taboo to use Instagram, Messenger, Whatsapp, or the like for work. One of the first questions we ask our clients is what tools they are currently using in their teams – and more frequently

than not, these social networks are topping the list as the most necessary tool for their team to work together. While it’s incredible how quickly attitudes have changed to be more open to using these applications as tools in the workplace, the trade-off for privacy and security has just as quickly changed. While it’s rare to find a company that officially uses these social networks as their main tool of communication, it’s clear that typical corporate communications tools are being replaced on a user-level with these apps.

And of course, they are! They are easier and more intuitive to use, they have better user experiences on mobile, they often work well in diverse connectivity environments, and everyone on the team is already familiar with it – this is the applications ‘stickiness’ that makes users love them so much that they are bringing them into their work lives too. They perform their services perfectly, for free, and very little effort on the user’s part – that indeed is the job of these social networks. This level of efficiency, usability, and indeed ‘stickiness’ is rare to find in corporate communication tools and one of the main reasons teams have turned to other options.

However, these social networks have another job which users are not consciously participating in – they are some of the world’s largest sources of data. Users are pushing all of their communications, private or posted publicly, through these networks. Everything from where we ate last night to how we feel about our boss’s new haircut is shared with these companies – and usually, they are a trustworthy confidant. But even in the best case users’ data is shared with advertisers in targeted campaigns, and in the worst-case, their data is leaked or shared in vulnerabilities on the social network. With a little bit of digging, you can find how very deeply user privacy is taken advantage of, such as in the Netflix documentary series The Social Dilemma.

This is the trade users are making: their privacy (and sometimes security) for convenience and ease of use. This is something many organizations recognize as an issue but lack the tools to present their teams with a solution that is as easy to use, provides the multiple services a social network does and protects the privacy of data shared on the network, as well as can be secured to the best of their ability.

With the Superapp® for Private Social Networks, users are provided with all the conveniences found in their favourite social networks, with no trade-off of privacy.

Each client has an individual network that shares no data or relation to other networks. Data on the Superapp® is never shared or sent to third parties like Facebook, Amazon, or Google. User data is highly secured and access is set to the method preferred by the community, with features like custom access codes, invitation-only sign up, blocked addresses, and more. To provide even more convenience and peace of mind, the Superapp can be connected to legacy systems, such as HR databases, to allow users to login directly through SSO. Connections to other corporate systems through API allow users to gain access to the organization’s Microsoft Teams, video conferencing, and any other tools the organization is using to work together on mobile or desktop within the Superapp®. We ensure security by having world leaders in security, perform annual audits on our solution, and we are proud to say that the Superapp® is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

By turning to a private social network, organizations can regain control of their data, minimize vulnerabilities, and simultaneously provide an efficient and modifiable communication tool to build stronger and more effective communities.

Want to discuss how the Superapp can be used as your organization’s private social network? Contact us!

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