Develop skills through knowledge sharing, the key to the enhanced sales assistant.
A major player in the world of luxury wanted to improve the quality of service offered to its customers by its +3000 salespeople in its 400 stores around the world.
The objectives of the group were to:
• Connect and animate sales teams
• Optimize the onboarding of new incoming employees
• Improve skills development
• Enhance customer service by refreshing the salesperson’s in-store experience
• Bring out local leaders who can share their knowledge
• Establish knowledge sets and enrich a dedicated knowledge base (Knowledge Management)
• Provide the entire community with the expertise of every salesperson in more than 100 countries
A complete solution from onboarding to clienteling
To meet these challenges, Southpigalle has deployed its Smart Assistant technologies to develop collective intelligence and make everyone’s knowledge the company’s knowledge.
The solution provides all salespeople with a pocket coach, a real Swiss Army Knife for an enhanced sales person.
Teams have at their disposal in their mobile phones an intelligent, personalized and intuitive interface. The Smart Assistant integrates conversational information feeds, a community chat, social learning, games and tutorials, social posts on events and brand ambassadors.
In addition, salse staff also benefit from unprecedented possibilities for feedback to the HQ teams and permanent access to the company’s key data and information sources.
A powerful tool for customer advocacy, concierge services, structured relationships with retailers, and management of informational priorities: Southpigalle technologies are profoundly transforming collaborative modes in the retail sector, while becoming the #1 tool for reporting information to CRM.
Improving process efficiency
Onboarding of new resources

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