Increase data power by multiplying it tenfold through collaborative Business Intelligence (BI).
A major player in the world of commodities wanted to improve its raw materials pricing process by optimizing the connection of its teams – who are spread throughout the world – to a pool of international experts.
The project execution required making all relevant data accessible on a single simple and intuitive tool.
The group’s objectives were to structure and desilute a set of scattered and diversified databases, to allow exchanges with external players and the achievement of consensus within the group, while improving the experts’ response times and relieving the ISD of avoidable requests.
To meet these challenges, the smart assistant implemented by Southpigalle aimed to provide its pool of experts with an efficient and hyper-reactive conversational Business Intelligence solution.
By cross-referencing information with multiple contributors with very different profiles, such as local Brazilian or Indonesian producers, logistics platform managers, and market data, the company has developed a predictive tool that allows it to perform detailed evaluations of price changes on the basis of consensus.
A solution that combines:
• Customized information flows
• Datavisualisation
• Collaborative chat tool to question and answer peers
• Natural language searches of databases
• Creation of knowledge sets (Knowledge Management)
• Decentralized access to data based on the profile and query types of each user
• Speech to text
Analysis times
Improvement of key processes
Access to data and insights

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