Innovate by coordinating all product innovation teams around the world.
A major player in the world of the food industry wanted to improve the coordination of its product innovation teams globally.
How can we provide access to scattered and diversified data available in various departments (innovation but also finance, trade, etc.) in order to streamline an approach that too often leads to the reinvention of products already envisioned by the group?
The Southpigalle solution or “Last Mile Computing” deploys an intelligent and intuitive interface between its innovation teams located around the world and all internal (ERP, CRM, Workplace,…) and external data suppliers.
The Southpigalle Smart Assistant now provides innovation teams with an efficient solution that centralizes all the information in its product catalogue.
A solution that combines:
• Customized information flows
• Datavisualisation
• Collaborative chat tool to question and answer peers
• Natural language searches of databases
• Creation of knowledge sets (Knowledge Management)
• Decentralized access to data based on the profile and query types of each user
• Speech to text
The solution has streamlined innovation processes by improving coordination between its teams and leveraging all available product data, while significantly reducing design and time-to-market.
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Improvement of key processes

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