Encouraging the development of skills and collective intelligence for 100,000 retail employees around the world.
One of the world’s leading luxury cosmetics groups wanted to significantly improve its onboarding, skills, and communication with their 100,000 beauty consultants within its retailers and owned points of sale.

The implementation of the project involved taking into account the complex nature of the company’s retailers and points of sale. Due to the diversity of the various profiles (internal and external employees, permanent and temporary staff), cultural differences, as well as points of distribution for owned or partner companies, the levels of knowledge of the brands and their products were highly varied.

The objectives of the group were to:
• Unite beauty advisors with their peers and training staff
• Increase the efficiency of onboarding new employees
• Improve skills development outside of live training sessions
• Draw out local leaders who can share their knowledge with the greater group
• Combine knowledge sets and enrich the group’s knowledge base with local inputs (Knowledge Management)
Offering a relevant, interactive and predictive onboarding and social learning solution.

To meet these challenges, the smart assistant deployed by Southpigalle has been adapted for use by the global populations of retail education teams.
The solution’s very detailed analytical capabilities were utilized on each user’s profile to maximize content delivery, learning processes and interactions between communities.

A powerful tool for customer advocacy, structuring relationships with distributors, managing information priorities: the smart assistant is profoundly transforming collaborative modes in the retail sector.

The group’s beauty consultants have at their constant disposal by their mobile phones an intelligent, personalized and intuitive interface integrating conversational information threads, community chat groups, social learning features, games and tutorials on key processes.

The solution thus covers nearly 20,000 points of sale in 5 languages to date: French, English, German, Italian and Spanish, and 10 languages in the future, including Russian, Arabic and Asian languages (Japanese, Korean, Chinese).

Increase efficiency
on key process


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