Dealing with a press and social media boycott campaign.
A large luxury jewellery group wanted to acquire the tools that would give it the best potential to face a vast boycott campaign that was particularly aggressive, focused and international.
The objectives of the group were to:
• Structure a community of experts capable of providing the necessary information
• Manage the categories of stakeholders, those who must receive information and those who are entitled to express themselves publicly.
• Benefit from the appropriate language elements at the right time.
• Coordinate the stakeholders on the multiple dimensions (legal, media, external, internal, internal, social, clients…) of an international crisis.
Propose a crisis management solution offering expert community management, information sharing, detailed management of user empowerment levels and extremely fast decision-making.
The Crisis Communication Smart Assistant is an intelligent and intuitive interface to deal with various questions and issues 24/7.
It enables the staff concerned (internally or externally) to deliver the necessary messages in real time, such as providing salespeople in stores with the answers they need to reassure a questioning public, distributing the counter-measures appropriate to cultural locations, directing the media and transmitting the right communications at the right time to the right parties.
The virtual crisis unit also allows shortened and secure international validation processes.
The personnel involved in crisis management thus had at all times the opportunity to:
• Customized and predictive information and asset flows
• Intelligent process automation (IPA) to focus teams on the most complex issues
• Data analysis, notifications and alerts in real time.
• Integration of social listening tools for tracking the evolution of the situation
• Guarantee of data ownership and confidentiality of exchanges
• Constitution, creation, enrichment and updating of a knowledge bank (Knowledge Management)
• Intuitive connection to company tools (Last Mile Computing)

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