Improve customer service by developing the collective intelligence of the organization's teams.
A major world-class manufacturer of animal care products wanted to improve customer support and extend it to a large community of veterinarians.
The implementation of the project involved taking into account the data corresponding to a range of 1500 high-end products with dietary and nutritional properties.

The objectives of the group were to:

• Unburden customer service teams through automated assisted responses
• Extend customer service beyond the usual 9-to-5 availability
• Uncomplicate a population of practitioners who are sometimes reluctant to expose what could be regarded as deficiencies
• Ensure relevant information delivery with a tool that guarantees the confidentiality of exchanges
• Constitute, enrich and update a database of existing knowledge
• Enrich the knowledge of its customers to establish a privileged relationship
Providing an intelligent and intuitive interface between the brand and its partners.
To meet these challenges, this player is developing the collective intelligence of its customer service teams by deploying the Southpigalle solution. The solution enables to structuring of available information and capitalizes on the knowledge generated by the questions already asked, by transforming them into sets of information that are immediately and automatically available.
Its benefits therefore go beyond improving the quality of service provided by customer service by allowing the brand to re-establish a direct relationship with its users – which is limited through the intermediary of distributors’ networks.
Customers and veterinarians thus have an efficient and relevant service at all times:
• Intelligent tool to survey the after-sales service
• Building knowledge banks
• Access to relevant data in the form of regularly updated sets
• Instant exchanges via existing data in the Salesforce CRM tool
• Speech to text tool for voice questions
The Southpigalle solution thus covers customer service for this client in 5 languages to date: French, English, German, Italian and Spanish.
Time saved in customer service
Improving process efficiency
Data extraction
Dashboard production

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