Sales and Retail Experience

Solutions designed for sales and retail teams to perform

SoPi Solutions offer the flexibility for each team to build the tool which perfectly meets their requirements, simplify their processes, build their capabilities

In the context of increased expectations on sales and retail teams, there has been an inflation of apps to tackle part of their work. The result is a decrease in the overall efficiency: what to do and where, where to find the information, which system to use… SoPi Solutions are designed to create an integrated experience taking into consideration business, market and culture specific needs.

Connected Workflows - Guidelines

Create new ways of working

Users can document their work in a conversational workflow. Mini-apps allow them to take, share and comment photo or video, add notes, link to a specific event, select plan, share plans, planograms and place information on the a boutique map and validate with local and HQ teams.

Documentation then joins the global library, contributing that documentation to the collective intelligence of the group. The Superapp’s open architecture allows for features to work together to create a custom workflow for these communities targeted to their specific habits and needs.

Conversational workflow


Manage complex calendars

Create dynamics calendars taking into account multiple variables (people, products, locations, objectives, etc.), optimizing time allocation and resources. Build one central vue connecting multiple sources of information to an event. Synchronize with other calendars for a seamless experience.

Manage complex calendars


Learning for the modern workplace

Integrating micro-learning, social learning and gamification strategies into the employee onboarding, upskilling, and offboarding processes have increased engagement and create an employee culture of goal-setting.

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Blended Learning

Intranet / Private Social Networks

Engagement is the key to growth. We provide the tools to uplift enterprise communities.

All-in-one workspace for remote and distributed teams 
to build collective intelligence and community performance.

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Uplift enterprise communities.

Chat and mini-apps

One source of truth

Working distributedly or remotely, teams are constantly chatting to keep the path. Superapp simplifies collaboration scaling chat and messaging at the next level adding mini-apps into messages to structure data. Teams now keep track of information and can concentrate on business. Superapp becomes the one source of truth  where information never get lost.

One Source Of Truth

Fragrance and Cosmetics Company

“Our teams are a mix of internal and external groups across multiple brands and markets - we needed a place for this community to gather and have access to all the tools and knowledge we create!”

EMEA Trade Marketing Digital Projects Manager International Fine Fragrance & Cosmetics Read Study →

Luxury Goods Company

"As our team grows to new markets, training has become an integral part of propelling our business forward. Using a superapp we can manage our training events at every level of the organization, and create measureable goals for our teams."

Retail Education Digital Project Manager International Luxury Goods & Couture Read Study →

Luxury Personal Goods

"Managing all of our global guidelines, local assets, and validation workflows through a superapp has aligned our local and global teams more than any other solution."

Global Visual Merchandising Director Luxury Personal Goods Read Study →

Watch Manufacturer

"Integrating conversation into our sales procedure has been an amazing opportunity for us. We have empowered our sales representatives with a Superapp to connect with clients on whatever platform they prefer (WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, etc.) without the fuss of asking our clients to change the way they interact with our brand."

EMEA Senior Sales Manager Watch Manufacturer Read Study →
Southpigalle, The Conversation Software Company
Christian Dior
de Grisogono
“Payoff will come when we make better use of computers to bring communities of people together and to augment the very human skills that people bring to bear on difficult problems.” — Doug Engelbart
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