Superapp® usage results:

“We’ve finally activated engagement from our global community of experts! They are all contributing to new ideas, identifying and sharing opportunities, and imparting their expertise to drive innovation projects forward.”

Superapp® Key benefits:

  • Precise onboarding process identifies expertise and possible contributions from each community member.
  • Community feed provides insights to each individual based on their interests and expertise and the projects they are following and contributing to.
  • Benefit from integration with Microsoft Teams/OneDrive to create a seamless experience (conversations and collaborations).
  • Contribute to the collective intelligence by creating an open memo, submitting an idea to a project, sharing insights, and voting.
  • Chat to engage with the community, groups and individuals, follow conversations, and create open subject matter groups.

Create a dynamic community, leverage its collective intelligence

The global expertise and knowledge that can be found in a supply chain are immense, and collected from multiple sources of data and reporting for receiving, sorting, taking stock, production, quality control, and more. Each link in the supply chain is highly skilled and specialized, and leveraging the collective intelligence of the group is key to the efficiency, decision-making, and function of the brand.

By engaging a community on innovation projects, an already functional group can share their ideas for improvement at scale. Working together, sharing their ideas, and driving them forwards creates internal advocacy and engagement with the greater ideals of the brand. It creates a sense of purpose.

Events, upskilling, communications naturally enrich the community and contribute to the experience.


Integration with Microsoft Teams and OneDrive

Integration with Microsoft Teams/OneDrive brings together conversations and collaborations on files into a mobile-friendly format. Users can use a superapp to share a conversation or idea in a Teams discussion, or to identify a conversation relevant to a specific topic, or from Teams users can share in a superapp, chat a conversation or see content and ideas shared by the community.


Collaboration built for distributed teams

The system of supply chain ranges the globe and multiple métiers. By encouraging users to share and publish information for the collective to benefit from it, the collaborative process can begin with sharing. Collaboration workflows drive ideas into projects through chat, comments, voting, and expertise identification and sourcing.

Building project teams through profiling

Through a superapp onboarding, users can identify their expertise to contribute to new projects, state the type of projects or subjects they are interested in, what time they have to offer, and more. This allows users to be connected to a pool of possible experts on the topic of inquiry, harness and put calls for skills, and connect across métiers, departments, zones and roles.


Ideation support

A superapp community engages each individual in critical thinking about their work, asking them how they can do better on a global level. By giving users the tools to publish public and private memos or notes, ask other users for their input, index and sort their insights, share data from OneDrive, and more, the support for collaboration and ideation is in the hands of the users for maximum community engagement and ownership of the ideation process.

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