Superapp® usage results:

“A superapp experience has kept our customers coming back for more! Our customer care team has all the information necessary to deliver excellent services faster and more efficiently than ever before.”

Superapp® Key benefits:

  • Customer profiles are made dynamic with detailed subscription information.
  • Management of subscriptions and delivery details are made easy with integrations to internal and external data sources.
  • Access to the brand’s global educational resources
  • Instant access to care teams provides customers with a personal experience.

Customer services directly in the hands of clients

Upon launching custom subscription services, a superapp was integrated as the mobile partner for clients to manage sign-up, check-in on, and be connected to the customer service team directly.

A superapp empowers agents to meet customers where they communicate most, maintaining a personal touch in all interactions from the data gathered. Integrating all of the information into one app has given clients a one-stop-shop to manage their relationship with the brand: loyalty, purchase and care.


The One App for managing it all

Integration with external data, such as tracking, payments, subscription histories, and management of multiple subscriptions, gives clients all of the access to manage their subscription.

The Superapp® also centralizes this information for customer service teams, helping them to more efficiently address questions and concerns with a personal touch.


Building customer communities

Connecting to subject matter communities of other subscribers encourages them to share and distribute their knowledge and grows engagement, ultimately adding value for all subscription holders.

Profiling for targeted services

Specific sign-up and profiling process helps the customer service team to efficiently defining client needs and constraints to take into consideration.

Follow-up and educational information can then be delivered based on the client profile, giving them a detailed list of resources and information.


Ask the Superapp®

Connect educational and resource information with similar customer questions w/ answers for a highly efficient experience. Customers can directly contact experts related to their specific concerns.

Superapp® is GDPR and CCPA compliant.

• Security by design: Audited by Magellan Partners
• Privacy by design: Audited by Artlex

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