Superapp® usage results:

Our teams have access to more data on employee skills, needs, and requests than ever before. Our HR staff is experiencing a lower than usual number of requests from employees, as most common questions are able to be answered with a superapp!”

Superapp® Key benefits:

  • Integration of internal tools, such as SAP (Concur, EuHReka), Sharepoint, and ServiceNow has simplified HR experiences and made employee more independent in day-to-day processes, such as booking and approving time off, retrieving payroll data, and finally escalating issues to the correct HR contact.
  • Personalized feed to improve critical information awareness, engagement on content, engagement with group events and information.
  • Raising the intelligence and engagement of the group with skills identification (onboarding process, activities performed, questions answered) and employee-to-employee mentoring.
  • Integrating micro-learning, social learning, snackable content and gamification strategies into the employee onboarding, up-skilling, and off-boarding processes has increased engagement and creates an employee culture of goal-setting.

Connecting employee experiences for improved on-boarding, talent growth, and off-boarding

Within the group, there are up to 20 applications an employee might use on a given day. From multiple learning apps for each métier and department, day off requests and validations, payroll tracking and inquiries, team and external stakeholder communication, both formal and informal mentoring, and more. Employees were overwhelmed and paralyzed by the sheer number of applications to achieve daily tasks. And, HR staff was spending an increasing amount of time with repetitive questions caused by the confusion.

With a superapp, there is a central point to access all the processes and functions a collaborator might need.
With each employee gaining a complete view on the possibilities available to them based on their unique profile, the repetitive nature of questions that are eventually escalated to HR staff is greatly minimized.

This process has greatly aided employee onboarding processes, giving them one point of contact for all processes necessary for their success. Growing and managing the talent in the group is also enhanced, with engagement in learning, progress, goal-setting and management of processes between HR and individuals managed in a cohesive space. Offboarding processes are clear, with the knowledge and expertise shared by departing employees added to the collective intelligence of the community. This results in a more fluid and collaborative relationship between individuals and the group.

Superapp for Intranet
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