Superapp® usage results:

“We’ve successfully created an onboarding experience for incoming finance managers that connects them to the wider Finance contacts within the group. A superapp has created a community that we have struggled to grow with other tools, with users sharing experiences, supporting each other’s initiatives, imparting their wisdom.”

Superapp® Key benefits:

  • Provide guided upskilling for new finance managers to transition into their roles through learning content.
  • Gather and connect the experience and expertise of the global Finance community.
  • Formalize the onboarding process and create actionable follow-up for incoming Finance team members.
  • Use a superapp to search the group’s collective intelligence from Learning and Feed content, to reports, or questions answered by others in the community. They can also contact the specific expert best suited to answer their question.
  • Create more impact for users leveraging features such as notes/memo which allow them to write a personal list of their insights during a lesson, insight, or independently to remind them of to-dos, to take and share notes about what they learned, and more.

The ultimate onboarding experience and establishing of the global Finance community

The Finance department includes diverse métiers and specialisations that each work together to keep the day-to-day operations of multiple brands operating smoothly across the globe. The onboarding of new Finance members, specifically CFOs, is a routine operation with a necessary process for introducing these new individuals to their new and very pivotal role.

A superapp provides upskilling through learning features to follow the onboarding curriculum for incoming CFOs and provide operational information to others in the Finance community. Information from the full community is retrieved through simple questioning, leveraging the collective intelligence of the group to answer questions with learning, insights, data, other questions asked, and identified experts in the community.

By establishing a Finance community of experts in each métier, specialization, and more on a global level, incoming CFOs are given the opportunity to combine following the onboarding curriculum with the intelligence and experience of others for a 360-degree introduction that is key to their role in the group both globally and locally.

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