Superapp® usage results:

“We’ve seen such high engagement from our external community members, their enthusiasm for learning about our brands can finally be measured and rewarded! Our internal leaders have never before had this opportunity to communicate and gather feedback.”

Superapp® Key benefits:

  • Administrator, Trainer, and Trainee profiles are managed and activity reported on, with tracking on key KPIs daily.
  • Each market, retailer, and brand combines to create a unique view for every user based on their profile.
  • Easy content creation workflows and publishing tools help each micro-community to nourish user knowledge with tailored pathways.
  • Cohesive knowledge validation structure based on micro-learning and gaming strategies.

Immersive brand experiences for learning

In today’s retail landscape, the grab for a customer’s attention must be balanced with the attention of sales staff. With multiple brands and trends vying for attention at all times, brands need to consider strategies that engage sales staff and fit into their busy day-to-day.

A learning content strategy was developed with micro-learning in mind to allow users to participate in training on an incremental basis when it fits into their schedules and to allow for them to easily identify the specific content they were looking for when faced with customer questions on the sales floor.

This was combined with summative exercises and battles to create a gamified experience for users to be constantly encouraged for participation in learning, and rewarded with points and badges for their progress.

The collective intelligence of the group was another key factor in creating an experience that is more helpful for sales staff – many of the same questions were being asked by individuals, but often they lacked the experience of an expert in the brands to answer them, or these answers had been produced by local experts but were not shared for all in the community to benefit from it.

A flow of information was deployed for users to :

  • ask a question to the community and be shown results from previous questions asked by others,
  • questions answered by an expert, learning or feed content matching that topic,
  • or the option to choose from a list of experts on the subject and create a conversation to discuss with them.

It was determined that they would be best served by a combination of administrators creating the learning content and communicating a strategy for the markets on behalf of the brands, with each market having their own community managers to make adjustments and animate their local community.

This is all made possible with a desktop content management tool, which allows :

  • the creation and publication,
  • monitoring of individual user progress and group progress,
  • KPI reporting,
  • complete management of the global and local communities.
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