Superapp® usage results:

“Sales follow-up and conversion has never been easier. The closer connection to our clients helps us to treat and even anticipate their needs. We’re offering them the personalized service that we have always delivered in our boutiques to a growing customer base.”

Superapp® Key benefits:

  • Personalized feed updates clients on the brand’s latest news, product release, collaborations, events, all based on their stated interests.
  • Calendar view of live events and experiences helps to bring community engagement offline.
  • Secured chat with brand representatives can share product information, manage services, as well as informal exchanges on inspirations and advice to establish brand trust and engagement.
  • CRM features to gather client information on past product purchases, favourites, recommendations, to maximize points of contact and deliver hyper-personal services.

Enhanced customer relationships for building brand loyalty and engagement

In boutiques, delivering a personalized experience is directly reliant on the sales assistant – they remember their clients, what they do, what they like, what they have previously purchased. This close relationship is highly valuable – consumers that feel that they trust the brand are more likely to consider those services as highly valuable. In the digital space administering this level of attention to detail is difficult, as e-commerce often leaves much to be desired in terms of curation and human contact.

A superapp delivers a highly personalized experience to clients directly, complete with immediate contact to a sales assistant in the boutique. Superapp technologies provide through the client preferred platform or the brand’s communication tools (Apps, Website, VR, QRcodes)  a unique and personalized access to an exclusive and highly curated offering of information. From detailed product information, previews, special offers, to exclusive invitations targeted to their interests and tastes and direct access to Customer care.

Becoming the ultimate sales companion, brand representatives can connect directly to their clients, as well as log information for future use. Connections with Salesforce allow for easy integration of this data into a central CRM system that can be used to inform business data, such as spotting trends and addressing client needs.

Client Loyalty

Creating the ultimate client file

Contacts feature allows sales assistants to make observations, suggestions, and leave tips for the client to be delivered an even better experience at their next interaction, be it through the Superapp or in store. The mobile format of a superapp makes this easy for sales teams or brand representatives to use directly from the sales floor.


Integrations to go beyond the sales floor

Salesforce integration integrates superapp client actions into a central CRM system for analytics, tracking of data/orders, and the ability to escalate the issue to the appropriate internal team when necessary (for repairs, detailed information, performing customer care).

Connecting the community

Utilizing highly-targeted event invitations connects online and offline experiences, welcoming clients fully into the brand universe and immersing them in the community. Sales staff or brand representatives can easily schedule follow-up appointments by video call or in-boutique private shopping experiences based on superapp or in-person interactions, delivering a superior experience of customer care.


Turning chatter into advocacy

Engagement with the Brand in their day-to-day builds clients into advocates – by creating a natural rapport through more casual and natural chat, the Chat feature brings clients into the fold and gives them a highly personal and valuable experience.

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