A unique and intuitive admin interface to empower your teams.

Create your contents, handle your users and their rights on the platform, manage your micro-apps and collective intelligence to develop the best in class private social network.

A unique and intuitive admin interface to empower your teams.

Rethink the way you work.

Manage content

Superapp reimagines the traditional content production process, empowering you and your team to design, build, test and share your information in real time.

Connect Mini-apps

Empower your teams with our built-in mini-apps to maximise your chat interactions. Easily connect mini-apps with your data.

Sky is the limit : create and share insights, feedbacks, learnings, polls, games, battle, memos, articles, plans, planograms, interactive content AR/VR (Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality) assets… directly from your phone or the management interface.

Manage users

Connect your Active Directory or ISHR solution to Superapp intuitive user management and precisely monitor every user access and rights. Manage your communities, and open conversations rights accordingly.

Manage Collective intelligence

Monitor the knowledge of your company, leverage your teams expertises and create a unique source of truth for your entire company.

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