Superapps for Public Relations

Reimagining collaboration to grow collective intelligence and community performance for remote and distributed PR Teams.

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What public relations teams need less of is Google Sheets, emails, WhatsApp groups, and Hootsuite schedules — they need access to all of the company knowledge and press material on-demand and in real-time. They need to be able to answer tough questions at any moment and so, being connected to the right internal experts is key. They need to share experiences and insights, monitoring journalists’ activity, structuring and facilitating the relationship with the press. Public relations teams are animated by a global community across multiple departments — internal marketing, communication, sales, design, top management, and external collaborators.

For managing and communicating with a community of clients, fans of the brand and external stakeholders, Public Relations teams need to operate as a tight-knit community — sharing the latest information, collaborating to find unique solutions, and acting individually towards their shared mission of communicating the brand values and mission. Not only are they expected to act as a team to accomplish their goals, but it is essential to form a strong internal community to reach maximum efficiency and harmony.

If the Public Relations community are the voice and ears of the Brand, the Superapp is the brain powering it — it gathers all the information it is fed, analyses and organizes it, and gives the voice what it needs to take action.

Superapps for Public Relations

Community-fuelled intelligence

The Superapp for public relations leverages community-fuelled collective intelligence technology through:

  • The newsfeed — the Superapp provides a central flow of internally-generated press releases and communications, together with social and traditional media coverage delivered in real-time.
  • The address book — a centralized and collaborative contact list tracks the history of participation in events, social media details, and notes from the whole community.
  • The calendar — with coordination of global events and easy navigation to find related content, guests, collaborators and extra information for every event.
  • The database — navigated by ask-not-search (“where are our products manufactured?”) present answers from the collection of PR procedures and insights, marketing and communications resources, press coverage, events, and previous questions answered by the brand. Can’t find your answer? The Superapp will find an expert on the subject to connect you. A unique solution to stay connected with the brand key messages at anytime
  • The daily clippings — daily analysis of trends from social media and traditional media coverage give visibility on trending hashtags and associated words to the brand, as well as publishers and journalists who have been associated with the brand.
  • The watercooler — communication between teams of collaborators has never been more valuable. Chatting one-to-one or in groups is facilitated to share resources, notes, live updates from events and a referenced archive of team conversations are made easy and exclusive to the Superapp community.

By breaking down traditional information silos between individuals and internal teams, the group can share in the world’s best collection of data — their own. The wealth of knowledge that already exists animates the passionate community in Public Relations to help them make more efficient strategic decisions, more effectively communicate internally and to external communities, and reports on essential KPIs to evaluate performance and optimize workflows.

Supercharge your enterprise community with a mobile solution to streamline their workflows and communications. Developed by Southpigalle, a leader in business collaborative applications, the Superapp combines the benefits of a state-of-the-art technology platform with intelligible user experience. It is easy for teams to adopt, with its intelligent and intuitive interface combined with micro-apps connected to support daily business functions.


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