Video Shopping: A Luxurious Experience

There are two ways to do online video shopping: both are easy but only one is right for luxury brands.

Online video shopping is not a particularly novel idea. As we discussed in one of our previous articles “Drive Client Engagement With Video Shopping”, video shopping is a terrific tool that is here to stay. In China, this is an already established sales channel dubbed the “`new engine’ of e-commerce” by the Chinese government. But, at Southpigalle, we view video shopping as more than just another sales tool. We view it as a new facet of a brand’s personality. As a new type of consumer relationship.

Experience Economy

In the world of the Experience Economy experiences are the name of the game. For luxury brands for whom the in-person shopping experience is an integral aspect of their identities, video shopping can be off putting. Nevertheless, this technology should not be seen as a supplement for the in-person experience. Instead, the concept can be leveraged to enhance the allure of luxury brands. With a little creativity this innovation can present the consumer with novel ways in which to feel, interact, and experience the brand. Imagine an avid watch collector having an intimate conversation with a renowned watchmaker. A fashionista inside the workshop of his/her favorite shoemaker. Or a lovestruck client discussing with a designer the symbolism behind the perfect engagement ring. The possibilities are endless and exciting. Moda Operandi, an online luxury retailer, deployed live streaming events in August 2020 and received positive feedback from customers who placed value on, “’hearing directly from designers’ and `seeing clothes live on-model‘”. How, then, can this be done effectively?


At first glance, video shopping seems like a relatively easy thing to implement. Afterall, how hard could it really be?!. You simply send your customer a Zoom link, show them your product through a laptop camera, and done!. Sure, that approach might work, but that is what we call the “easy-but-wrong” approach. Why wrong?:

  • Blind As A Bat: no matter how ravishing your cosmetics or elegant your watches may be; without the right camera your product will look no better than a pixelated blob.


  • Can You Hear Me?: no matter how charismatic the sales representative or inquisitive the customer, without the proper sound set-up words won’t be heard and questions will be missed.


  • Death By Interface: no matter how luxurious your customer experience might normally be, with third party conferencing your shopping experience will feel no different than a Monday morning work call.


  • Lame Duck: anyone can video call someone on their phone and sell them a product, but that’s boring. What video shopping should be really about is enhancing and creating unique experiences that add value to how a brand is perceived.


  • Too Much Hassle: no matter how brand loyal a customer, if he/she is forced to use a multitude of platforms to schedule, conduct, and pay; the inconvenience will far outweigh the carats on that ring they fancy.

In summary, the “easy-but-wrong” approach is certainly easy to set up but only to the detriment of your brand, your product, and your customer. The “easy-but-right” approach is no harder and all the more effective.


Video shopping for luxury brands should be treated as filmmaking. Attention should be paid to the cinematography, but more importantly, to the storytelling. Pulling this off requires a bit of technical knowledge and a whole lot of creativity. Here’s how to do it “easy-but-right”:

  • What An Experience!: video shopping is all about the experience. Create a novel way for the client to experience the brand and sales will follow.


  • The Customer is Always Right: emphasis should be placed on enhancing the customer experience. Customer service should feel even more intimate and tailored.


  • What’s Your Story?: this is an opportunity to create a new narrative for the customer to explore. Like a good film, video shopping should engage, entertain, and leave one waiting for the sequels.


  • Behind The Scenes: video shopping can be used to give clients a unique insight into the creative process behind their favorite products.


  • Luxurious Equipment: the right cameras with the right lenses, properly balanced lighting, and a curated set must all be calibrated to capture the intricacies of a product and nuances of a design. The proper sound equipment must be used to make conversation smooth and engaging.


  • In-Sync: software interface must be harmonized with brand identity to make one feel
    as if stepping into a boutique.


  • One-Stop-Shop: data and applications should be interconnected and not siloed. CRM, customer outreach, scheduling, and purchasing should all be consolidated into one platform. This will make the shopping experience seamless from start to finish.

All in all, video shopping for luxury brands is all about building a palpable connection through unique experiences. The technology involved is, of course, key. But the real investment lies in the experience made possible by the technology.

Our Expertise

At Southpigalle we have the expertise to make video shopping easy. We work with established luxury brands to understand their goals and develop solutions.

If you would like to learn more about how we can work with you, contact us here!

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