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We are NorthMontmartre

Nomo is at the intersection of 3 cultures Tech, Data Science, and Design.

We help companies to navigate the pace of technological change, allowing them to interact with their customers in more meaningful ways. Designers, developers, analysts, data scientists, change makers, finance specialists… We partner with companies to better understand their customers through data science, define the product vision, design the strategy to build right products experiences and improve business outcomes.

The culture we’ve created at NoMo enables all of our teams to do the best work of their lives.

Conversational Retail Experiences for Major Luxury Brand.
Luxury Metaverses and Avatars.
Beauty Consultant Social Learning Experience.
Augmented Reality Social Experience for High End Fragrance Brand.
Augmented Shopping for Leading Retail Venue.

Using Design Thinking To Create Lasting Innovations

Design thinking process tools are the methods that will not just encourage but really force an organization to take a step back and examine the real needs to address and find innovative solutions.

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Communication Solutions for Effective Change Management

Southpigalle’s services, software and technology change the way organizations manage evolution and communicate with key stakeholders.

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Drive client engagement with video shopping

Superapp® technologies bring unprecedented service to client interactions with mobile video shopping experiences - discover the value of video!

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