Communication Solutions for Effective Change Management

Southpigalle’s services, software and technology change the way organizations manage evolution and communicate with key stakeholders.

Change Management has become one of the most important missions in every organization this year, as they face unprecedented change in every aspect of business (unless of course pandemic treatment was their business, in which case it has just been another day at the office).

With a range of existing software and custom innovations to assist in change management processes, Southpigalle presents effective methods and solutions to effectively measure and communicate for teams.

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Though the Change Management concept has existed since Kurt Lewin’s 3-step model for change was developed in the 1940s, it’s recent buzzword status is due to the technological change that has made change that would usually take years to achieve possible in just weeks. The terms ‘change management’ ‘digital transformation’ have become synonymous for this reason, as change has become faster, cheaper, and more accessible to organizations that wish to evolve.

online studyHowever, the management of this process has remained difficult. Change management is at its core the management of expectations, doubts, questions, and the range of human reactions that come with changing someone’s work or life.“Changes usually fail for human reasons: the promoters of the change did not attend to the healthy, real and predictable reactions of normal people to disturbance of their routines. Effective communication is one of the most important success factors for effective change management,” (ASQ).

Communication is the ‘golden thread’ that runs through every change management process, from Prosci’s ADKAR process to the Deming Cycle. Southpigalle, including both the superapp and our NoMo services, is pleased to be one of the change management consulting companies that not only creates strategies for effective change but also the technology to make it happen. Implement a change management training plan in the Superapp, create a custom solution to present the latest updates to your internal stakeholders, involve them in providing reactions and insights to the evolutions of your organization, engage employees, customers, and all stakeholders to include them in the future-building of your organization.

Learn more about NoMo’s consulting services to identify the ideal solution for your organization.

Discover the Superapp® features that will drive engagement in your change management project.

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