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The Most Advanced Learning Solution

A superapp to combine the most advanced Social Learning Solution, unique Collective Intelligence capabilities, and exclusive blended learning capacities. We provide the learning capabilities that accelerate teams performance to the next level. The solutions to share knowledge, upskill and build collective intelligence  and scale up knowledge for distributed teams

Social Learning

Learn Together: Engaging trainees in cognitive 

Beyond bonding, social learning is about working together to solve problems through sharing knowledge and experiences 
— collaborating to reach a common goal.

social learning


Play, Learn, Share!

Encouraging game play raises self-esteem of the users which motivates them to continue. 
Creating positive engagement of learners to go beyond expectations. Maximising relationships and engagement between teams.

Gamification Screens

Blended Learning

The best of both worlds

Combining online material and opportunities with traditional face-to-face methods to empower trainee and trainers with the best of both worlds:

  • Self-paced, Personalised , Autonomous, Individual goal-setting

  • E-learning materials, Online coaching, Time flexibility, Follow-up tools,Real-life learning preparation
  • Group-paced Collaboration, Competition
  • Face-to-face mentoring, Time constraint efficiency, Live demonstration and human interaction
  • Connect with other sources of learning, documents, content to create one seamless experience
Blended Learning

Collective intelligence

Learning beyond the classroom

Create a culture of bottom-up learning.
90% of learning is happening outside of a classroom or traditional study environment – by focusing only on delivering the 10%
on formal education there is a missing piece.

By leveraging social learning, we can grow the collective intelligence of entire organisations by empowering individual members with the personal knowledge bases of their team in a convenient and conversational way.

Collective Intelligence


KPIs tracking, content creation and learning community management

Build your learnings in an Intuitive and seamless backoffice. Automate your admin work</>

  • KPI management and profile administration through simple to use and visual interfaces
  • Leverage the Superapp ability to manage communities and markets at a very granular level (central / regional / country, by retailers or brands / categories)
  • Easy content creation workflows and publishing tools help each micro-community to nourish user knowledge with tailored pathways
Superapp Back Office
“Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” — Benjamin Franklin

Fragrance and Cosmetics Company

“Our teams are a mix of internal and external groups across multiple brands and markets - we needed a place for this community to gather and have access to all the tools and knowledge we create!”

EMEA Trade Marketing Digital Projects Manager International Fine Fragrance & Cosmetics Read Study →

Cosmetics Company

"We onboard many new finance managers globally every year, and often our existing teams are moving from one market to another. We finally can give new and existing finance managers a place to gather and share their knowledge, making the transition into a new market and position easier and our community closer!"

Finance Transformation Manager International Personal Products Group Read Study →

Luxury Goods Company

"As our team grows to new markets, training has become an integral part of propelling our business forward. Using a superapp we can manage our training events at every level of the organization, and create measureable goals for our teams."

Retail Education Digital Project Manager International Luxury Goods & Couture Read Study →

Global Fine Fragrance

"With a superapp we have dramatically improved the employee experience. One principe: simplification. It results in significant time saved for individuals and HR staff, improved employee satisfaction with internal services and raised engagement!"

Transformation HR Manager Global Fine Fragrance Brand Read Study →
Southpigalle, The Conversation Software Company
de Grisogono

Genuine Scalable Learning solution

The Superapp offers also many advanced capabilites surch as:

360° Mentoring

Trainee-trainer relationships should be fostered as essential relationships to the Maison. 
By using the strengths of individual members to raise up others, leaders are founded in the community 
and accountability of all members increases.


The average employee only has time to devote 1% of their work week to professional development — training has to make that minimal amount of time count by creating programs that acknowledge how valuable their time and attention is.

Adaptive Learning

Every training session is subdivided into conceptual pieces that are appropriately sized to the subject for maximum cohesion and brevity. These pieces are composed with video lectures, notes, work examples, practice problems and social activities. The relationships between each piece of content — how they build on each other and relate — are encoded in the Knowledge Graph based on the master experts’ experience.

Trainee-driven learning goals

The Kanban board gives every trainee possibilities to adapt their learning to preferred content typologies (snackable, in-depth, Q&A, arena/battle, interactive, social…) and their own personal goals.

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