At Southpigalle, Data privacy is our priority. When you use our platform tools, we stock your data to enhance your browsing experience and to collect visit statistics.


Purpose – Exploitation of your data

–        Use of personal data from our partners

Depending on the tool, we may retrieve your personal data from our partners. For example, with Facebook’s Messenger we can collect information from your profile. This allows us to better respond and to improve your browsing experience on our tools. However, we do not collect any sensitive personal data from your profile (eg your political or religious opinions). The nature of the data we recover is strictly limited to your credentials. This allows us to better customize our systems to enhance your experience.

–       Saving your conversations

By using our systems, we archive your conversations. The analysis of these data allow our algorithms to learn automatically.

–       Statistics

Finally, we build statistics to monitor our tools. These statistics allow us to measure the effectiveness of our interfaces and to analyze the potential improvement points. However, these statistics are produced on an anonymous database. We do not use your personal data for our statistics.


Actions – Consult and delete your data

To consult or delete your data you can send a demand to the following address:


Data controller identity

Southpigalle 4 rue du Caire 75002 Paris France
SIRET : 811 791 912 000 17