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Superapp® Software Development Kit

Superapp® Software Development Kit

Build your own Superapp

The Southpigalle SDK provides the set of APIs used by integration teams. It is used for implementing our “Front” tools of the Superapp mobile application, Desktop app, and Superapp management for desktop.

Each SDK is specific to each client – SDKs are made for your community and include the Superapp with mini-apps currently used by or created for your community. The SDK allows you to make the Superapp customized, for your team to create their own mini-apps, or generally to take full owner-operator role in the Superapp for your community.

What's an SDK?

A Software Development Kit or devkit, provides a set of tools, libraries, relevant documentation, code samples, processes, and guides that allows developers to create software applications on a specific platform. The Superapp SDK allows in-house IT teams to set up and operate their own Superapps on local servers, providing them with everything they will need to know to accomplish it.

Much like an API (Application Programming Interface) which allows software to interact with one another and even provides the building blocks that allow for you to create something, an SDK is a full-fledged workshop, facilitating creation far outside the scopes of what an API would allow.

How could my organisation use a Superapp SDK?

Each SDK is specific to the client, the modules and applications instanciated, as well as dedicated professional features created in partnership with the client. It is prepared during the initial integration process (setup phase), and it is a key element of the contractual delivery for Superapps.

If after launching the Superapp for the community (or before), a current subscription holder could request to take ownership of the application’s operation or wish to host it on their own servers by requesting to change their plan to an SDK.

What is a Superapp API?

A Superapp API is an application program interface that provides access to a secured server infrastructure with the stability, the scalability and broad features required for real-time chat and messaging, real-time interactions and services suited to company needs from personal conversation to a massive chat/collaboration.

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