Southpigalle collaborates with, a platform dedicated to helping creators and businesses earn with their talent!

During the last year, Southpigalle has used their expertise in consulting, design and mobile technology development to collaborate with, the live video sharing platform for influencers, coaches, professors, edutainers and more!


The concept is one-of-a-kind:

Allow streamers to earn with any kind of content.

In three taps on their phone’s screen, users can earn while sharing their knowledge, talent or expertise. To begin, users just need to set up their live, choose a price to participate or watch, and invite their community! Other users will just need to confirm their payment of the entry fee before they can join.

When creators are increasingly faced with managing communities across platforms like TikTok, Twitch, and more it is difficult to both grow and be compensated for their content. The easiest method to many businesses and experts is to share their time and get paid for each live.

Working from home, the COVID-19 crisis and the realization that new ways of collaboration and compensation are possible have sparked

During Southpigalle’s work developing tools and features in live streaming, video conferencing, and creating client touchpoints, they found’s concept to be a unique opportunity to innovate and transform the way that streaming content can be monetised. With the ‘Swoper’ in mind, offers greater compensation and value than traditional platforms.

Southpigalle’s teams worked hand-in-hand with from its inception, from the research of customer journeys to the construction of applications and technical infrastructure of the project.

“Our team’s strong experience in the development of mobile applications for international brands has allowed to enter the market in record time and with a 360° accompaniment in marketing, as well as web and mobile access” Henri d’Anterroches, CXO of Southpigalle.

Available now on all major mobile app stores and available soon on the web, is developed with React Native, a Javascript framework, that results in an application with high-quality graphics with no sacrifice to functionality across all devices. The web version uses Next.JS, a framework that keeps the application light and precompiled. To obtain a fluid and optimised user experience, the application and web utilises the strengths of Janus (WebRTC) technology for scalability without compromise. The infrastructure is deployed on Microsoft Azure, but rests agnostic to leave other hosting solutions possible.

Payment solutions are provided in collaboration with Swipe, a world-renowned operator to ensure the security and banking processes of all transactions made on the platform. is the platform for Slashers, independent minds, professors, teacher, créateurs, livestreamers and everyone in between to earn with their talent.

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