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SoPi® aka Southpigalle is a global independent Tech Company blending strategy, design and engineering. We are creative designers, data scientists, insightful strategists and exceptional engineers. We blend  the capabilities  of a pure tech player and a tech agency.

Superapp® The conversational backbone for leading companies.
A world class all-in-one ecosystem, framework and SDK merging messaging and collaboration with private social media to Shape Employee Experiences for unforgettable Customer Experiences.

NoMo® aka NorthMontmartre® tech agency.
We partner with companies to better understand their customers through data science, define the product vision, design the strategy to build right products experiences and improve business outcomes.

SOPI — Southpigalle Logo
We design relationships for inspiring clients. We help companies strengthen bold visions, turn ideas into realities and improve their products and services by improving operational agility and delivering unforgettable customer experiences.

What we believe in.

We believe in experiences that are built for users first.

Enterprise technologies have a bad rap – clunky HTML interfaces belong in 2003. At the heart of our product is the desire to create digital spaces for serendipitous creation, no matter the end user.

We believe in the power of Diversity.

It is proven that a combination of diversity in ethnicity, cognitive skills, gender, and other factors are key to the growth of collective intelligence in any community. We strive to create technology that not just reflects the diverse perspectives in communities but provides a space for them to thrive.

We believe that everyone has the right to excellent technology.

For the majority of its history, the tools of communication technologies have been limited to a select few. We believe that excellent customer experiences come from excellent community experiences – internal collaborators are our first clients.

We believe that the world is a better place when we link people and data.

Increasing more fluid communications between the immense amount of data that exists and making it usable for humans is the key to unlocking efficiency and intelligence at any level of a community.

We are the Conversation Software Company.

We Boost Employee Experience To Build Customer Experience
“The key thing about all the world’s big problems is that they have to be dealt with collectively. If we don’t get collectively smarter, we’re doomed.”— Doug Engelbart

Last Mile Computing®

As Albert Einstein famously said, “Computers are incredibly fast, accurate and stupid; humans are incredibly slow, inaccurate and brilliant; together they are powerful beyond imagination”.

At Southpigalle we know that the world’s most valuable collection of data is in your teams. By providing the structures and tools for meaningful collaboration, we grow the potential of every interaction between teams members. Not to just contribute to the collective intelligence of the community by sharing one-to-one,

but to leverage the knowledge imparted and make it actionable for every community member. We bring the best of the computing and social worlds together to maximize the efficiency of every team.

In doing so, we offer the ability to companies to transform the customer interactions, create more meaningful and efficient connections, improve service and reinvent the art of selling.

At the intersection of Collaboration, Purpose and Execution

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