Superapp® usage results:

“Deploying a superapp as a pocket coach to our sales teams has improved our learning impact. It has also given us analytics on the performance and success of our training program that were never available before”

Superapp® Key benefits:

  • Combining of online and offline learning into a blended approach
  • Connection with external learning system and HR creates a more integrated learning experience for users.
  • QR Code check-in gives trainers an easy way to create event communities and connect online actions to offline results.
  • Calendar gives a complete view for each user on training events happening for them, in their boutique, zone, and worldwide for a centralized touchpoint.
  • Analytics on attendance, interest, response, etc. on a zone, boutique, métier, and individual level are leveraged by HQ teams create an informed training and business strategy.
  • By integrating the LMS, HR directory, and the tools of the Superapp, there is now One app for all trainees and trainers to gather information, report, and train themselves, replacing emails, XLS, Whatsapps, and multiple other methods.
  • Customization & user rights restrictions: every member of the community is unique, with specific roles, rights, and restrictions attributed to them.

Training boutique teams for the new luxury standard

In the new luxury environment, data is everything. Reading between the numbers is key to understanding trends and opportunities in the business. Gathering measurable results from training boutique staff can be cross-referenced with sales, HR, and more to gain deeper insights into the day-to-day of boutique life, ultimately giving business insights that are otherwise unattainable.

A superapp for Blended Learning links and facilitates online and offline training to create a One App experience for trainees and trainers. Establishing this blended learning strategy between existing data houses for e-learning and HRMS strengthens the vision of boutique and individual performance. Informing the training strategy and methods with this data, the community is engaged more completely in training year-round, and communication between boutique and head office is more fluid.

Ultimately, this superior training experience addresses employee turnover by giving trainees tools for success, consistent goal-setting and planning, and creates a consistent onboarding experience to prime incoming employees for success.

Blended Learning
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