Superapp® usage results:

“Since using a superapp, our sales associates have been able to take our clients’ conversations in the boutiques outside. We’re learning highly valuable information about their needs and desires, and delivering a more personal experience than ever before. Our clients are happier than ever!”

Superapp® Key benefits:

  • Chatting triggered by a client from multiple actions either in-boutique or from social media and messaging platforms.
  • Connection between boutique staff and online actions enriches the customer file for services to be delivered with personalization.
  • Integration with social media and messaging platforms allows client needs to be addressed at a moments-notice and establish more personal connections with the brand.

Conversational commerce for modern retail

A superapp for Conversational Commerce leverages the social media and messaging applications — WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, Line, Kakao Talk, clients are already using to connect with sales associates and brand representatives.

A superapp brings brand relationships (customer service, client history, direct communication) into e-commerce, allowing clients to make purchases, manage their transactions, and more without any change in their daily behaviour, simplifying transaction..

Most of all,  it brings security as data is no longer owned by the social media/messaging platforms but the brand itself.

Conversational Commerce

Seamless interaction

Clients can take action using multiple methods to engage with the brand and connect with an associate. Beginning a conversation can be integrated simply into existing marketing, communications, or points of contact.

For example: Call To Action from a social media campaign or post, Contact Us feature on a website, scanning a QR code in a boutique or at an event, sending a request to a sales associate on WhatsApp/Messenger/WeChat.


Own the chatter

A superapp integration with social media and messaging platforms allows for the brand to own their conversations and data. Normally, messaging from social media and messaging platforms belongs to the platforms, and cannot be analyzed for greater business insights.

Using a superapp, data clients and sales associates exchange are completely owned by the bran and can be integrated into client files, CRM databases, common questions, and more.

Wider business insights

Using the Conversational Commerce feature for a superapp allows for greater integration of the client relationship into day-to-day operations on a boutique and brand level.

Insights a sales associate gains from conversations with clients can be integrated into greater reporting on specific points of interests (profile type, product interest, knowledge, etc) to gain greater understanding of consumer trends and enable more informed decision making.


Turn interest into conversion

Through integration with casual interactions, clients  can have their concerns that prevent conversion addressed instantly, such as details about sizing, fabrication, etc. This allows for conversion and purchases to be made more fluidly, with the full information a client might need to make their purchase decision at a moment’s notice.


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