Superapp® usage results:

We’ve seen excellent engagement of all of our headquarters and local teams in adopting this application. This has fluidified our communications and helped us to optimise our internal processes for an ultimately better experience for all involved.

• Encouraging cooperation and interaction between team members with different perspectives and roles through a community-based platform.
• Improve access and feedback to all global and local content through an intuitive and user-friendly interface.
• Give decision makers immediate and accurate reporting tools to reveal the brand’s global narration in boutiques and centralize the visual merchandising network.
• Provide collaborators of diverse interests the relevant content and tools to work and collaborate efficiently.

The intelligent layer between the global brand ecosystem and Visual Merchandising teams.

Visual Merchandising is the global storytelling of retail.

It is a brand’s critical way of expression to ensure a unique experience and common vision with their audience, playing on eye-catching product display and inviting store layouts to support sales and loyalty.

As the narration is locally translated to adapt with local culture, HQ and local teams need a reliable communication tool, complex in functionalities yet very simple in use. Giving every stakeholder access to strategic content and peer validation at hand, bringing only the key information and insights from the numerous and uncorrelated platforms previously used in the community.

A superapp brings together teams & individuals with different perspectives to create a new way of working, with an emphasis on an intuitive and seamless interface.

Connected workflows

Connected workflows

Users can document their work in a conversational workflow. Mini-apps allow them to take, share and comment photo or video, add notes, link to a specific event, select plan, share planograms and place information on a boutique map and validate with local and HQ teams.

Documentation then joins the global library of examples, contributing that documentation to the collective intelligence of the group. The Superapp’s open architecture allows for features to work together to create a custom workflow for these communities targeted to their specific habits and needs.

Macro and micro calendar

Global events, upcoming meetings, and seasonal themes are dispersed by brand HQ teams for local markets to have up-to-date visibility of incoming resources. Zone-level and boutique-level events allow for adoption of brand storytelling and milestones into the appropriate cultural context and calendars.

Rich linking allows each event to become a hub of relevant information for users to take action on, including resources, best practices, geographic information, attendees, and linked documentation from participating boutiques.

Customization for the modern workplace

Designed with a sophisticated user graph, individuals and teams are presented with an experience entirely unique to their needs, with content, local communities, and access to features managed based on their determined necessities.

Restrictions are set and managed by HQ teams for maximum user relevancy by market, language, boutique, and product relevancy.

The Superapp® provides an onboarding experience for new community members by bringing them into contact with the global community and unlimited access to the group’s history and resources for their personal study and training.

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