Southpigalle Smart Technology combines intuitive design, advanced technology capabilities and broad customization.


Ask not search via conversational interfaces enabled by natural language processing.
Display only contextual features and services.
Design inspired by social apps: do one thing, do it well.


Real time predictive algorithms.
Recommendations based on individual and community user graphs.


Advanced users graphs for personalization at scale.
Customization of functionalities to make it fit for purpose.


Secured Chat functionalities with teammates and customers.
Data and insights interactions with peers / experts.
Collaborative knowledge management.
Social learning capabilities.
Document sharing functionnalities.

As simple as a Genius

Southpigalle solutions are based on a micro service platform which effectively connects to enterprise specific systems and requirements (Microsoft, Salesforce, SAP, Workplace …)

Our Smart Virtual Assistants effectively allow:

Data Science
Business intelligence

Chat collaboration
Task automation

Knowledge management
Social learning

Blending chat, voice and video messages, Genius is always one step ahead to answer any questions or pull any data. It initiates and engages in natural conversations, provides intelligent insights across teams and customer interactions.