Video Streaming & Learning (More Than Meets The Eye)

From Facetiming grandma to sitting through a work meeting, video conferencing has woven itself deeply into our daily routines. The technology is unquestionably remarkable but much of its value goes underutilized. The problem is our perception. Video conferencing’s ubiquity keeps it tied to the mundane (a mere telephone in disguise) and as such, a tool with limited functionality. By reevaluating how we use it, we can unleash its full potential.

Pent-up potential

“Unleashing the potential” of videoconferencing may sound hyperbolic. If it does, it’s only because we fail to see where that potential lies. The true potential of video calling is unleashed when it works to grow our collective intelligence. If you’re still skeptical, take a step back and think about what is, at its core, collective intelligence. According to NESTA, collective intelligence is “the enhanced capacity that is created when people work together”. And what does video calling, as a medium of communication, enable us to do? Work together! This is how the technology can grow our collective intelligence. Recognizing this fact and using the tool with that purpose “unleashes” its potential. If this is still sounding too esoteric, then consider the challenges of remote learning. With more and more companies going the way of remote work, the need for a more effective remote learning tool becomes more pressing. Through interactive streaming we can better embrace the challenges of remote learning and in doing so, strengthen our collective intelligence. No further training required, only a little creativity and the pairing of a few good tricks.

Where and How?

The opportunities for imparting knowledge via video are many: onboarding, training, team engagement, et. In these learning occasions we are exposed to the touch points of collective intelligence. How then, do we maximize the potential of these learning opportunities? The solution is a twofold approach.

1) We must use video creatively to generate unique learning experiences
2) We must pair video with other tools that maximize engagement

Making learning a unique experience - not another job

Video is exciting because it can put you in the middle of the action. To create unique learning experiences, look for ways to enhance the mundane by placing your participants in the middle of the action. If you have to train your team, don’t just send them written instructions. Identify a subject matter expert and organize a masterclass. If you want to foster company culture, don’t just send out a newsletter. Instead, create live sessions that connect employees to the business. For example, what better way to teach the finance team about the design process of your product, than to organize a livestream with one of the designers. It’s these experiences that require a little more creativity to organize but that also enrich our learning techniques. Video facilitates these opportunities and in doing so meaningfully contributes to collective intelligence.

Wine tastes better when paired. In other words, how to enhance video learning

By now you hopefully recognize that video conferencing can make learning more engaging. To take it even further, you can pair it with other tools that have similar effects. When it comes to making learning memorable and fun, the gamification of learning wins the day. If a video masterclass creates a unique learning experience, follow it up with an online quiz to ensure more knowledge is retained. Better yet, if you want to teach while simultaneously strengthening your collective intelligence, design games your team can enjoy together. With a more expansive view on what video can offer and a set of complementary tools, you strengthen the knowledge of the individual and the intelligence of the group. Whatever the pairing; however, you must take 3 things into account. That pair must be: 1) easy to use 2) easy to tailor 3) easy to retrieve.

Maximizing video learning: as easy as 1, 2, 3

 1) Regardless of the visio platform and learning games you pair, they must all be easy to use. If you want your team to focus on learning, everything they interact with must be intuitive.

 2) That platform must also be easily adapted to the needs of your organization. If your tools do not have the flexibility to match your needs, those tools will quickly become obsolete.

 3) Whatever content and experiences you create, they must be easily archived, indexed, and retrievable by anyone in your team. This aspect is the key to your collective intelligence.

Video conferencing is much more than an alternative for the telephone, it is a means for learning and building collective intelligence. When paired with creativity and complementary tools, it elevates learning to a set of unique experiences that enrich the knowledge and identity of your team.

If you would like to learn more about how video conferencing tools can unleash your team’s collective intelligence, contact us here!

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